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H.A.T Packs

At the May 30th HRA member meeting, we were honored to have Denise Schultz and Erin Pease from the H.A.T. Packs program join us for a presentation about their organization.

What is H.A.T. Packs? 

They provide take home meals for school aged children who face food challenges. These "packs" supply the children with drinks, breakfast and lunch items and snacks for the weekend.

The program, which started in January of 2018 has grown from helping a handful of children to now helping over 60 in the community.

H.A.T. Packs is run by volunteers in the community and through donations and partnerships with local businesses is able to make this program successful.

If you are interested in helping this wonderful organization, they are always looking for food or monetary donations. 

Please visit their Facebook page for more information! (click on the link below)

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