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From the humble grassroots beginnings amongst a few neighbors over coffee to the growing membership and presence of today, the Hatboro Residents' Association is ready now more than ever to get more people involved in the community. This non-partisan volunteer group is looking to welcome all members who want to take an active role in helping to support and improve the town we all love.


The Hatboro Residents' Association (HRA) was created so that residents, homeowners and tax-payers could share their ideas for improvement of the Borough by bringing their values, perspective, and support into problem solving, decision making, and planning. With goals of economic revitalization via local shopping, arts and cultural events, historical preservation, and town beautification, our main purpose is to improve the quality of the small-town lifestyle to which so many residents feel a strong commitment and which attracts others to the area.


The HRA wishes to create a long-term working relationship with all members of our community, including the Borough Council and Committee Members, The Chamber of Commerce, Main Street Hatboro and Elm Street, The Millbrook Society, local churches and smaller, specialty organizations, as well as all residents and business owners. Besides helping raise funds to restore the Town Hall Clock Tower in time for the Borough’s Tricentennial celebration in 2015, the HRA has held several successful events in the past year that we intend to continue, such as the “Boro’s Biggest Yard Sale” and the Hatboro Farmers' Market. We are working on some more exciting ideas, but the HRA wants to utilize the untapped resource of our town’s biggest secret asset - our residents!


General Membership Meetings are held at 7:00pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Hatboro Baptist Church Annex (in the Wawa shopping center next to the church). All are welcome to attend!


The Hatboro Residents' Association has no political or religious affiliation.


Christina Giovinazzo

Leslie Jones

Laura Lasher

Robin Laufer

Colleen Seeds

Marianne Shaeffer


The mission of the Hatboro Residents' Association (HRA) is to advocate for the preservation and improvement of town-based life for the residents of Hatboro.  Quality of life issues include, but are not limited to:


  • Historical Preservation

  • Town Beautification

  • Economic Revitalization

  • Social and Cultural Offerings


In order to enhance the quality of life for the residents, the HRA will establish and maintain an open line of communication between residents, borough agencies, businesses, and other organizations.  We will support initiatives among these groups to further the mission of the Association.  We will provide an open process by which all residents may involve themselves in the Hatboro Residents' Association.  


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